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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#296

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It is now "Monday".
Yes, as usual I am awake after Midnight.
Yesterday was a quiet day of rest for me.
I did attend worship at my church.
Another excellent Sermon by my Pastor.
After worship I drove directly home.
I fed "Ernie", my pet guinea pig friend.
I then took a long nap.
I did wash my bed sheets today.
I made my bed a short time ago.
Earlier, I also emptied my adult medical potty chair.
Yes, my bedroom smells of pee-pee.
Understandable, given that I am medically incontinent.
Adult diapers and my adult medical potty chair next to my bed are how I manage my incontinence.
Alone in my bedroom, I use my medical potty chair as if I were only 4 years old and still learning how to go potty.
When I sit on it, I hug my dolly friends "Pam" and "Emily" like a good child, and I let the pee-pee come out into the potty.
But, I can not hide in my room 24/7.
Diapers are freedom from my medical potty chair, and I can uncontrollably go pee-pee and poo-poo in the diaper, wherever else I am, especially when I have to be away from home.
I am also used to carrying my blue Fisher-Price Jungle Animals Diaper Bag wherever I go away from home.
I admit no feelings of shame about others seeing my diaper bag.
Being autistic, I also carry a comforter item in my diaper bag, besides my adult diapers.
I do have a small dolly friend which fits in my diaper bag.
His name is "Timmy".
He helps me to maintain cognitive/emotional regulation away from home.
I am unashamed that "I need my dolly".
Anyway, for hours, I have been quietly entertaining myself before I go to bed at ~ 2:00 AM.
Star Trek, UFO, and SPACE:1999, and BBC HORIZON.
Regular TV had nothing on that I wanted to watch.
Yes, my routines and personal tastes in video entertainment are predictable as an older autistic adult.
I try to maintain a sameness to my daily routines.
Unpredictability is not good for me.


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