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Centrelink (AKA) Australian Welfare sucks.

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Well, considering I'm poor and struggling to pay for my tafe, I applied for youth allowance almost 3 months ago, been fucked over 5 times, and had my last one canceled due to a date error argh.

So, here is my little story about it.

I go to a centrelink office, to get my ID verified, they say okay, you can use your centrelink online account now, go home to apply, oh sorry you need to verify your account.

So, I go back down again, and they said its a common issue, and they "verify my ID" again, goes home still fucking doesn't work.

Go down again, this time I Have an appointment because they set one to do it manually no problem with that, I do it all, and the lady says Oh, we only do job seekers, so she puts me as a job seeker, asks me to fill out a form, brings it back.

One week later, its declined for not providing information to centrelink, well what the fuck did I give them? the exact form they asked me to fill out, so I go back down and ask them, and they tell me, that the form was filled out incorrectly, the date was wrong, are you fucking kidding me, so I gave up.

Than suddenly my centrelink online account actually works when it isn't down for half the time, I apply for youth allowence, give them my tax file number, and all my study information.

8 weeks later, they request my enrollment information, are you fucking kidding me, It took them 8 weeks just to fucking look at it.

In the mean time because they fucked up and took so long, I have to pay the full amount $1,300 instead of the $540 which I could of paid straight up.

And I bet there going to decline it for some stupid reason, they declined a mates because he accidentally put down 40 hours instead of 15, and they declined it for the most stupidest reason.

I don't get why the people who abuse the system, get hand outs, while one person makes a honest mistake, they get fucked over.

Oh, that and it takes almost an hour on the phone just to wait to sort a basic problem, and half the time they hang up on you. the waiting times are usually longer than an hour, how do people not lose there shit over this?

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