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Ebay aggravation and sewing

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I mentioned in a previous journal/blog that I got me some Pul off ebay. It seemed like a good deal and not overly expensive. About 10 US dollars a yard. Primarily I got it from the seller I did because of free shipping. They did ship it but did not mark it shipped. I sent a message as I almost always do when I buy up to 5 or 7 yards at a time. I like to have it all in one piece if possible.

I got a message this morning saying that my order was in pieces when it was shipped. I may be more worried than I should but I am really hoping I don't get scraps of half yard lengths. I will be leaving a unsatisfied mark oh their account if I get half yards and I will be frustrated if its scraps. I hope you guys don't mind but I may be asking for advice in a thread if I have to return the purchase.

Yea I might be just too worried for no reason. Well if you pay like 60 US dollars of your budgeted free time money then you want to be sure that you get what you paid for. As for my diaper that I am sewing its coming out great. The outer fabric is looking good and I am very positive with how its working in my embroidery hoop.

I will upload pics of my progress soon
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