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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#290

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Just a quiet day.
I only went out to the Mall at Rockingham Park to hobble around for exercise using my forearm crutches this afternoon.
Yes, I did purchase Lunch at the Burger King Kiosk at the Mall's Food Court on the 2nd Floor.
When I returned home I had a nap.
Afterwards, my younger non-disabled brother sent me out to the Walmart for some soda pop.
Once that task was completed and I was back home, I watched on DVD:
I did eat the last piece of my Birthday Cake this afternoon before my nap.
Yesterday was a "working" Birthday since I am a Disability Civil Rights Activist.
I was at a Disability Civil Rights Public Protest.
I do apologize for sticking my neck out.
If I and my disabled friends do not speak up, the Fascist Republi(KKK)an Political Party will stomp on us.
I checked my stash of incontinence supplies, and I am down to my last 30" wide x 36" long disposable bed-pads.
I need to purchase another 20-count package of them at t he Walmart tomorrow.
I also did perform the pet care task this afternoon of cleaning out my pet guinea pig's cage.
I had to perform that before nap time today.
Remember, "chores" come before "Adult Baby Time".
Yes, I "regressed" deeply to early infancy and it felt good to simply become a very physically helpless infant for ~ 3 1/2 hours.
During my nap time, I did not sleep through it, but while awake, I allowed my mind to be empty of adult thoughts and feelings, and only laid there clutching "Emily" dolly friend, flat on my back just in my diaper, which was very wet, until my "scheduled" nap "Wake Up Time".
My previous "Adult Baby Regression Afternoon Nap Time" was this past Friday.
I schedule "being a baby" on a regular basis to aid my cognitive/emotional "well-being" as an adult survivor of childhood abuse and neglect.
I do not feel like getting too mentally sick and unable to function and have to be placed in a Cuckoo Person Hospital, and being strapped-down to a bed to keep me from hurting myself.
Regressing and being a baby on a regular basis has helped my mental health.


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