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Another stand still in Sewing

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I bought 5 yrds of Pul off of ebay and I have yet to see it shipped. Its been a couple of days but I am really hoping it is because of the week end. I looked at the sellers page and she has two bad marks from people who did not get their stuff.

I am going to look into the pattern I made soon but I am cleaning my apartment and keeping on pace with my self teaching programming. Long story short; I am looking into earning money with DIY blogs. I have programmed chips when I was a teenager so its not too difficult yet.

I am also thinking about sewing giant plushies and rain proof drawstring bags. I hope to use that as an excuse for buying pul and still make money off of it.

I am not looking to sell here unless some one is willing to use Paypal and is totally open to waiting on Moo for an approval for the transaction.

I will be open to commission for sewing craft in bags and accessories but please do me a favor and wait for me to get confident with my pace and I am able to list prices. Again that depends on Moo for approval. Otherwise I will give you my Deviant art account for updates

With cut hours and spin down in my insurance I am really looking for job opportunities in my skills and crafts.

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