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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#284

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Another apology for my thoughts and feelings earlier.
Depression is a co-morbid condition common for us adults with Autism.
It is the price we pay for having severe difficulty in navigating the social world of human interactions.
My younger brother's problems are rather worrisome, not due to anything he did, but the actions of others detrimental to him.
Yes, I did take my daily medications a short time ago and I had a snack, before I go to bed at my usual time of 2:00 AM.
Today is a Presidential Primary Election day, but not in New Hampshire.
Fascist thug, "Donald Trump" is still being victorious with his appeals to racism, xenophobia, and hatred of others, simply because they physically exist in this world.
I am being realistic in stating that democracy is dying here in the United States.
A large segment of the electorate want to be rid of it, and they want an authoritarian savior to make the country strong and eliminate internal and external enemies.
I am trying to cheer myself up by watching BBC science documentaries online, but I still feel pretty sad.
Yes, a short time ago I also emptied my adult plastic pail medical potty chair next to my bed in my bedroom.
Even full of my own pee-pee, my potty chair pail is far cleaner that all politicians here in my own country.
Politics is all about telling lies.
I dislike liars.
They are evil.
Being autistic, I apologize for seeing the world in stark black and white terms without any shades of grey.
I have always been betrayed and hurt too many times to ever trust or believe in anyone.
I apologize for seeming to be harshly judgmental.
With my "one strike and you are out" way of dealing with other humans, I really can not get-along with other humans.
I see other humans as bovine manure artists.


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