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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#282

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Just a busy, and not so busy previous weekend.
Had to attend the monthly meeting of the local Autistic Self Advocacy Network Chapter Saturday afternoon.
Sunday, as always, I attended worship at my church.
Today I went out in the afternoon to visit my high school "best friend" in Raymond, NH.
He too is on SSDI like me.
Severe Diabetes, compounded by severe Diabetic Neuropathy in his legs.
His wife is also disabled.
My high school best friend also has to wear diapers like I have to.
Anyway, I have had no nap today.
Yes, I am in "Little" Mode.
Just quietly playing with some of my "Mattel "Hot Wheels" toy cars on my bed.
Yes, I have been sitting on my adult plastic pail medical potty chair to be diaper-less for hours.
I still think of my adult "medical" potty chair as the "Hell Chair".
I am mute and silent, but I am thinking, "POTTY CHAIR! I HATE YOU! YOU ARE ONLY ABOUT BAD TOUCHES TO MY BODY!".
But, I am using my adult medical potty chair to save on diapers, and to give my skin a rest from being in contact with pee-pee (and poo-poo) 24 hours a day.
Well, I apologize for sounding like a "broken" CD player.
Back to mutely playing with my Mattel Hot Wheels toy cars, while on all fours in the bunny position on the floor...


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