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My true feelings of being female, are effecting me so much.

when I'm ready and move out of home, I'll try and see a gender therapist,

Fuck this feeling, I really want to be female.

I miss my bras and my shorts, I'm female, and this fucks with my head, I want really long pink hair, and pretty pink nail polish, and female parts.

Right now, its the only thing that matters to me, I feel like my feelings are getting worse, it feels like my femininity is progressing. at first it started as cross dressing, now I'm really hating my male parts, and want female parts, and I hate having a male body so much, maybe it has something to do with accepting myself, and working out who I really am.

Wearing male clothes are weird after trying female clothes, I have a sense of bliss, It's wonderful and feels so fucking normal when I wear a bra.

I kind of really want to have a sex change, and it means so much to have a body that matches, Its weird not having the parts that go into my bras... I want to try makeup. but I have no money.

I'll try get though this year, but fuck It feels so weird to be male the more I think about it since now I Understand I'm female...

I'm a female who loves guys, it feels so weird to act male, I'm not male, I'm female.

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