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isn't it weird how things sometimes turns out.

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There was some asshats who were dickheads and bullied me everyday.

I looked into there life and what there jobs were, and they were shit jobs, they criticized me for being dumb, I'm working on my certificate and there flipping burgers, getting minimum wage.

Then there was another kid, it turns out that he didn't get his atar, so he kind of couldn't get the job he wanted, so he had to deal with being a police officer.

Sure, these jobs are okay, but man this specific person dropped out of school, criticized my intelligence, and now there flipping burgers, and won't get a good job ever.

Isn't that fucking ironic.

Yes I failed high school, but I'm doing tafe, than uni anyway, which at the end of the day doesn't really matter to much, for the things I want to do, uni isn't for me, so it wouldn't of mattered if I passed or not.

I love tafe, I only have to go two days a week, I'm feeling happy. It's much better than high school.

AHAHAHA, I'm feeling so happy.

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