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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#281

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I visited an elderly cousin of mine in Wenham, MA.
She is not well.
After I returned home, I took a nap.
Yes, I was in "Adult Baby Mode".
Little boys like me have to "be good" and take a nap.
Yes, I did feed my pet guinea pig friend after my nap.
Before bedtime, I will feed him again.
I apologize for not being in "Adult Baby" or "Little" mode all the time.
Anyway, this evening, I am watching old BBC Science Documentaries online.
Typical "Geek" Aspie entertainment.
Earlier in the evening I watched the old Science Fiction films, "Robinson Crusoe on Mars", and "War of the Worlds".
Yes, more "Geek" Aspie entertainment.
Knowledge is important for me.
We Aspies are weird, in that knowledge is far more important than human interaction for us.
I admit to living in my own little world of science and engineering that average people do not understand.


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