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Mood Swings.

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Well biploar disorder runs in my family, but I've never seen myself as having biploar.

After being as low as I could possibly be for a week, I now feel like I Can do anything, I Feel like I can run a mile, I have so much energy, my mood can swing from intense happiness, to very low depression, not instantly or anything, it either happens for a few days, or it can happen during the day after someone triggers it.

Sometimes I can be as clam as a polar bear, next minute, I'll have this uncontrollable rage, where I literally lose my shit, destroy things etc. It's not something I can control, but only happens sometimes.

Sometimes when I'm happy, I can stay up forever, I'm creative as fuck, I feel like I could literally do anything, I have so much confidence, I Just feel like a god.

I sometimes have weird hallucinations and delusions, but I'm still a rational and logical person for the most part, and see my hallucinations as nothing more than my brain fucking with me, as thats all they are, nothing magical about them.

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