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Feel like a real baby now.

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Not a good start to the day. Care workers changed my nappy and not happy with my skin in my diaper area so district nurse has just been round. Off with the nappy again and she said I need to stay nappy free for the whole of the day and let air get to my bum. She has fixed a condom catheter to my penis so now have my usual leg bag from my SP and one for the condom cath. I am lying on an absorbent bed pad and if I need to poop I will just have to go. I have to stay on the bed all day. Will be interesting when my lunch in brought in. I could cover up with a sheet but I might just surprise them and be exposed just for the hell of it. Normal care workers will come in again at 2pm to see how things are going. Mark is off today he had missed all the fun. I have 3 beakers of juice to get through which are like the ones toddlers use with lids on and handled either side. I really do fell like a baby.

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