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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#279

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A mostly quiet day today.
I had to see my mental healthcare provider in Derry this afternoon.
I then stopped at the Walmart in Salem on NH Route 28 for a 20-count package of 30" x 36" disposable under-pads.
I then stopped at the Rite Aid Pharmacy on NH Route 97 and purchased another 14-count package of XL size adult diapers. I also purchased more baby wipes.
After returning home, I laid down in my bed for some needed "Adult Baby Time", where I quietly laid on my back and hugged my soft dolly friend, "Pam", and I mutely sucked my thumb to comfort myself.
Shopping is stressful for a developmentally-disabled autistic like myself.
I felt a need to hide, even though I am a sort-of extrovert type autistic.


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