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So many choices

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Hey there everyone. So lately i've kind of been unsure on some things. First on the list, there is a fellow abdl/diaperfur who lives just down the road from me. I've talked to him on kik and he seems ok. I'm just unsure if I should meet him face to face. Any tips? I know meet in a very public area.
Second on the list, finally got an allowance (in cash). So I am tempted to possibly buy a visa card from jewel with say $30 on it and I'm wondering what sites ship having privacy in mind, so it doesn't just have diapers written on the box.
Third and final on the list, i'm turning 20 in 7 weeks, so there is something to kind of look forward to. I'm kind of tempted to tell my close group of friends about this side of me. Mainly since three are furries, two are bi or gay, and we all generally have our own kinks. The idea is maybe one will get me a pacifier or something. Not sure on whether to tell them or not. They are very accepting after all.

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