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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#278

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Yes, with my having an adult-sized medical plastic pail potty chair, my bedroom smells of pee-pee, even when the white plastic pail I sit over is "empty".
Anyway, today I have been in "Adult Mode" to get another TV show produced for the Derry, NH CTV Channel where I volunteer.
I also had another important meeting to attend related to the Aspie-run non-profit organization I am on the Board of Directors of.
Yes, another long day.
Time to relax and watch some television.
On WGBH-DT, Channel 2 (PBS) there is an independent documentary being aired about anti-terrorism informants the FBI is using. The profile is about one of them.
The regular "commercial" networks totally "gave up" on airing independent investigative documentaries like I am watching now on PBS "decades ago".
It just goes to show how they see informing the public and working for the public good does not mean shit to them.
Like it or not even I, an older "White" Christian "Gay" physically and developmentally disabled Civil Rights Activist is "under surveillance", because I belong to both ADAPT and ASAN.
Because I vocally ask for my Civil Rights as a "Human Being" here in the United States, I am seen as an "Enemy of America".
Sad, but very true in the Post-9/11 society I simply have to live in as an impoverished "Crippled Autistic Mental Retard".


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