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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#277

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I was a very good little boy and I went to worship at my church.
After I returned home from worship at my church, I put myself down in my bed for a long afternoon nap.
I did watch the evening news on WCVB-DT, Channel 5 (Needham, MA).
Just the usual bad stuff about shootings and lying deceitful politicians.
I then went out over to the Wendy's Burger Joint on NH Route 28 in front of the Walmart.
I only spent less than $5.00 there.
(2) Cheeseburgers
(1) "Value" French Fries
(1) "Value" Diet Coke
I did empty the Kitchen sink of dirty dishes and put them in the dishwasher machine.
Not enough to run a full-load yet.
Nothing on CATV tonight that I want to watch.
Decided to watch an old BBC History Documentary online on my laptop computer.
As usual, I had the house all to myself all day long while my younger brother went to work.
Only now in late evening has he returned home.
I just heard him open up the Garage door to put his Crysler PT Cruiser into the Garage.
My handicapped-adapted 2010 For Focus Sedan is outside in the driveway.
Last week, I had to re-attach the tubing from the right windshield washer fluid nozzle to the left one, and I topped-off the windshield washer fluid bottle under the bonnet.
Well, time to go into little boy mode for the rest of the night after watching this old BBC History Documentary.


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