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Little time outside in my boxer shorts

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I was feeling the real need for some little time yesterday, so I changed into my Angry Bird satin boxer shorts which are pale green with pictures on them, a pair of plain white ankle socks, and a plain white singlet.

I'd had a few beers and waters, and could feel the need to pee building up quickly. I wanted to be really little and naughty, so I set myself up for an outdoor accident.

I sat outside at our wooden outdoor setting which is very private and on cement under a porch roof. I got my phone out, and started looking at this, and another site I'm a member of which also deals with wetting and ABDL activities. As I sat there, sipping on a glass of water, I could really feel the desperation building up, and my need to pee getting stronger with every passing moment.

I started to slip into little mode. I was starting to feel like I was maybe 6 years old, which is younger than my usual little range of 9-12.

As I sat there reading stories, I knew I had to pee. In my mindset I was dressed ready for bed, and didn't want to go inside to the toilet, as mum would send me to my room straight away. So, knowing I needed to do a wee, I decided to just hold on for a bit longer and wait to be sent inside.

I started holding myself with my left hand, as I used my right hand to hold my phone and keep scrolling. A wave of urgency swept over me, and I squeezed myself and clenched down to hold on.

"Ohhhh. I'm gonna have to go in a minute" I thought. "Just one more page first...."

I released the tight hold on my boyhood from my left hand, and reached for my water. Suddenly I was aware of a feeling of slowly creeping warmth from my crotch.

I looked down, and saw my light green shorts with the bright red birds growing darker, and a puddle inching out onto my chair.

I froze in horror. Suddenly the dam burst and I lost control. I sat upright but staring fixedly at my lap as I lost complete control and flooded my pants. Pee ran off the chair in all directions, and a big puddle formed underneath my chair, and pee ran down my legs onto my socks. I must've sat there silently wetting myself for maybe 30 seconds.

Little me was horrified. But he didn't know what to do. He didn't want to get up and tell anybody, so he remained sitting with his butt in a puddle, and his socked feet in another puddle.

Eventually he got up, and walked away, leaving a trail of wet footprints behind him. Once out of sight of the back door, he/I stood there and realised that there was still more peeing to be done. So he stood there, and let go, deliberately emptying his bladder into his already soaked pants.

Afterwards, he/I snuck inside the laundry door, removed the wet pants and socks, and hid them in the washing machine under a dirty towel that got used to dry his legs and feet.

He then snuck half naked back to his room to get dressed, and hoped his mother wouldn't notice.

I love being little sometimes.

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