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Autism, Cerebral palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#273

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Interesting that some people can not leave their egos at the front door to cooperate harmoniously with others.
Pardon my getting into the meat of a nasty practical problem that I deal with in "adult" mode as a member of the Board of Directors of a non-profit organization.
Last night, two Board Members "quit".
One of them, an Aspie Female up and had a mega toddler-style temper tantrum meltdown.
Not unexpected for a 4 year-old little girl, but very immature for a 38, going on 39 year-old middle-aged woman.
And others think that an Aspie "Adult Baby/Infantilist" with Cerebral Palsy like myself is childish and immature?
I may have a real social functioning intelligence of an 8 to 10 year-old, but I learned to "function" in the adult world to at least try and halfway get along with other adults to accomplish tasks in groups.
Yes, I do have a private Adult Baby/Infantilist Life here at home in my own bedroom, but it stays here in my bedroom.
Away from home in the outside world, I have to be a mega-responsible "Adult".
I will admit that it would be difficult to administer an old-fashioned "belt-strap whipping" on a middle-aged Aspie lady's rear-end, but from my own personal experience, the leather belt-strap was effective to "correct" my own behavior decades ago in early childhood, despite my disabilities.
I apologize for my thoughts and feelings this evening.
Anyway my schedule tomorrow is to attend an evening Seminar on Social Security, Disability, and Employment at the Harvard University Law School.
Disability Rights Activists like myself have a lot of things to do.
At least I do not rot at home and feel sorry for myself.


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