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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and Being an "Adult Baby"...#272

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I need time to play...
This afternoon I had to be at another planning meeting for a fundraiser for the Aspie-Run Non-Profit Organization I am on the Board of Directors of.
We have "No Employees Yet".
Therefore, us members of the Board of Directors, "have to do everything ourselves".
"Start-Ups", whether "For-Profit" or "Non-Profit" have too-few people to perform much "delegation of tasks/functions" to get anything accomplished for the good of the organization.
Anyway, even though I receive "Zero Compensation", I am in a way still working, even though I am permanently retired on SSDI.
I need to play...
But, I am finding it difficult to do so this evening.
I had to be a "Mega-Adult" this afternoon.
As an Aspie, I am not easy as a person to work-with respect to being in a group.
Even more difficult, when the majority of the Board of Directors of the Non-Profit Organization is on the Autism Spectrum.
Cooperation and consent is "difficult for us".
I do things one way, and the other Aspies sometimes get cognitively/emotionally "bent out of shape" to use the cliché, when they want me to agree to how they want some task accomplished.


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