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Diaper sewing; 2. Atmosphere and workspace

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.....I read an interesting post in the Adisc forums about the time of day that you are on the forums. Well when your sewing or doing any type of art or craft you need to be relaxed and at your best. What time of day and the atmosphere around you greatly impact your ability to do good work. Like I said in Diaper sewing 1. "If your in this to save money than don't." I really don't mean this to tell you that its imposable. I say this because it can be down right frustrating at times. With that said; if your going to minimize the failures or at least get past them your going to need a work space that will allow for this.
.....I do many types of crafts. So I am often times in a room that I have something different t in each corner. If you live in a small apartment or you only have a walk in closet for sewing than you need to keep things organized. Don't let this hinder you though. I have seen sewing areas that were walk in closets that produced large quilts. I even worked in a small room that use to be a conference room. We made quilts and done some interesting needle work in a small space. We even had up to 6 people in the small area at times.
.....The area is not the priority. It is the way you arrange it that makes a real big difference. The place I have for sewing is a lot bigger than when I first started. Organization made things possible. I love plastic containers that stack. I filled a walk in closet one time with nothing but plastic containers full of fabric and supplies for sewing. You can also stack them to line your the walls of your work space. Take it from me that if you do this you will need labels.
.....A table is absolutely important and so is lighting. The way I am going to explain and do my first diaper is going to be by hand just so that I can prove even a sewing machine is not necessary. The important thing is that you take your time and have fun while doing it. Remember you should be doing this as an activity not a chore. Your first diaper is not going to be your best. You will always improve with each one you make.
.....In summery the work space no matter what the size is only going to work if you are organized. You should not be cramped or spaced out. You should have a work area open for learning. Fun is important as it makes this whole thing worth while. Love the art and craft don't abuse it as a money saver.
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