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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#271

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Yes, it is after midnight and now Friday.
Hours ago I was at the social night for Asperger's/Autism Adults in Watertown, MA.
One of my female Aspie friends is a furry, and as usual, she was wearing her lioness tail.
Pizza, munchies, and various board/card games.
I myself played the game "Cards Against Humanity", the NC-17 version of "Apples to Apples" with a bunch of my Aspie friends there that I have known for years.
I apologize for being in "Grown Up Mode".
Yes, we autistics can be interested in playing "raunchy" grown up person games.
On Tuesday this week, I attended the Aspie Adult Social Night in Worcester, MA at the Student Center on the Worcester State University Campus.
Anyway, twice this week, with different Aspie friends of mine, I have played "Cards Against Humanity".
Playing this grown up raunchy mega politically incorrect game is rather interesting when it is played by us grown ups who have Autism.
Many Neurotypicals have an assumption that we autistic adults are incapable of understanding adult humor, adult sexual thought and feelings, ect.
Quite untrue.
I may be quite child-like in many ways, but I still have to live in and interact in the adult world.
Yes, I know all about the dirty words and grown up behavior related to the physiological anatomy inside my incontinence diaper(s).
Like it or not, all of us physically and developmentally disabled have a right to express adult thoughts and feelings, and to not be ashamed of them.
We have these same needs, the same as non-disabled adults.
Well, I do need to have some infantile regression time.
I need to emotionally recharge from "being an adult". I need my dolly friends to hug an cuddle to help me apologize to God for the time I spent being an adult yesterday evening with my other Aspie friends I have known for years.

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