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Diaper sewing; 1. Intro and ideas

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.....I have made a post in the forums about an idea for a way to line the back of an AIO with a piece of fabric that is held in place with stretch band. In other words an inside liner that separates solids from liquids. I am still going to sew this idea into reality but when I got my pattern out; I had I realized that I will have to sew several diapers first. I will have trouble to no end in proto designs from working right.
......I got to thinking about how adisc has been great. I still might be struggling with some things but over all I have come to a conclusion that this is a part of my life that I can't just do away with. Especially because my Lord never asked me to give it up. I have been convicted of my sexual side of things but I never had anything to prove that this is wrong.
..... with that said; I know there are a couple of DIY sewing tutorials in the articles already but I want to go through the process of sewing my own AIO diapers just so you guys can get an idea what your in for if you decide on sewing your own AIOs. Fair warning though I have been sewing for a while and I began with yard sell machines. When I started I began as a quilter and sewn my many quilted drawstring bags.
.....So in summery I do want to make the point that having an idea on what you want out of all this is extremely important. Sewing is not easy when you first get into it. I had to really shift gears when I began. If you want to sew to save money than don't Do yourself a favor and just don't. You will lose more money on mistakes and expensive fabric than if you just went ahead and purchased the diapers.
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