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Diapers are amazing.

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I just did a stinky in my diaper, it is much more convenient and comfortable using a diaper, i reckon.

I love peeing them, they make me feel safe, and all my worries wash away, i can do anything when I'm diapered yay

I know to some they might find it discusting to go number twos in there diapers, but I feel its very hygienic and I hate sharing the same toilets with people, and going into public restrooms, I'm practicing more, and I hope to accomplish being able to wet and poop my diaper whenever I want, shouldn't be too hard, I mastered the wetting stage.

I love this feeling, makes me feel so little, but it also makes me feel bad because big girls shouldn't use diapers, but I do.

It helps me cope with my depression, when I'm in my little mode, I'm so happy, I loose all control, when I'm diapered I just go whenever I feel like it, hopefully I can do the same when it comes to stinkies soon.

I know this might sound discusting, but hey, I'm not hurting anyone, and I clean up after myself, I use baby wipes, they add so much to the experience.

I can do it a lot more often since my dad left, doing stinkies makes me feel more little, and is so comfortable, I'm so used to diapers now that toilets seem a bit weird to me.

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