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My definition of a "diaper lover".

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Someone who enjoys wearing diapers.

There are many reasons to wear a diaper at any time in a person's life. Reasons can vary from medical use (incontinence), personal enjoyment (feeling safe & secure to fetish), convenience (astronauts to race car drivers), and various management reasons throughout a person's life (from growing up as a baby to adult).

This relationship between the diaper and the wearer is often one that is very personal in nature and often results in the wearer to "fall in love" with the diaper. The meaning of the word "love" in the context of a "diaper lover" is much different than the "love" the wearer may have for another human being. The diaper love in this context has is an additional need that the diaper wearer often has along with the traditional human need for companionship with another human.

All diaper lovers have the need to wear diapers for many reasons, and all with a common goal in mind: personal satisfaction. Whether this satisfaction is physiological or psychological in nature (or otherwise), personal satisfaction appears to be a common goal which all diaper lovers share.

This love of wearing a diaper can also be described as a "love-hate" type of relationship where the diaper lover finds it both satisfying but also burdened by the need to wear diapers. It's important to point out that not all diaper lovers participate in diaper fetishes. This is a subgroup in the entire domain of diaper lovers.

Put another way, while it's accurate to say that all diaper wearers who participate in diaper related fetishes are "diaper lovers", not all "diaper lovers" participate in diaper related fetishes. Worth noting here, the same is also true with "ABDL" and "diaper lovers". That is, all "ABDL's" are "diaper lovers", but not all "diaper lovers" are "ABDL".

These differences and similarities are important to point out since this must be taken into consideration by others who may not share the same feelings for wearing diapers. Care must be taken when defining these terms in order to avoid stereotyping diaper lovers. As eluded to earlier in this post, there are many reasons as to why a person has a "love" for wearing diapers. This is all based on the reason(s) why the diaper lover has such relationship, most of which are personal in nature. This may include a number of common reasons which may or may not include fetish-based fantasies.

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