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My day yesterday.

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Hi everyone

I know this should be a blog but hardly anybody read them.

I want to tell everybody about my day yesterday. I was going to do it before I went to bed. But I didn't do it and I was very tired little boy.

I wock up and got washed and decided to keep my nappy that i had for the night on as i did not think it was wet. I have to be care full as my pocket money as to go on Diapers. And I cannot afford to waste them.

I was going to meet with my freand Doug to play. At 10.00 he is a care giver but he doesn't know about me being a Little AB I told him that I have made some decisions in my life which is helping me. He thought it was strange but was happy for me as he could see how much better I was.

I would like to come out fully to him. But I don't think he would understand and being a carer might even call for the men in the white coats.

He wonted to do some shopping for some shelving. Then we had some lunch. After lunch I went to check my dipper it was damp but at tall at the ready for chainging. And i had forgot to bring a chance of diapers with me. So i keeped it on as we where going to see a film. And i just now not have a diaper on would not be a good.

We went to see Dads Army. The new fime with is a take off form the TV program. It was a very sell film and i got a lot out of it as it was my sense of humour. I don't think Doug enjoyed it as much.

I misbehaved myself when I got in to the cinema and Doug told me off saying that he could not take me anywhere. And it really is like being out with a kid. If only he know how much of a compliment that was. I said sorry and explained to the lady sitting in front of me that i was really only 5. She larthed and Doug told me to sit down and behave myself or he won't take me again. All I said is. "ho look all the blue rinse brigade is in."

I think that this was one of the best bits of the day.

Any way during the film I felt my shorts where wet. My nappy had leeked.
I thought how I was going to deal with this? Doug would not notice until the film had finshed. How was I going to tell the cinema about the wet set? I though that there was nuthing I could do about it now and enjoyed the rest of the film.

When it had finish I realsed that i had been sitting on my coat which had protected the central seat so i had got away with that one.

Now what if Doug notice that i have wet my self. And how was I going to get home.

Well weather Doug did not notice or he did not say anything. I think he did not notice becouse if he had he would of been asking why. We said good biy has he was going off to put his shelving up. I would of gone and helped him as it would of ment building things.
But that was not going to happen now.

I then had to walk back to the car and get home so i could get cleaned up. I have not walked in wet shorts for a long time and it brought up lots of memories. I knew I should be getting told off for wetting but there was nobody to say what a naughty boy I was. And Nobody seem to notice or care.

I got home and got all cleaned up. And I told my self that I hat to go to bed for a nap becouse i was a very naughty baby that had not taken a change of nappys with him.
I Kind of wanted to have a cry But didn't Because I was also feeling happy. Pluss it was pancake party in the evening.

Daddy came home and wock me up with a cup of tea. A said that i was a very good boy for having a nap becouse i would enjoy the enening more now. And did I enjoy the film and playing with my freand. I told him what we did. But not what had happed.

We had cottage pie for dinner. Then we went to the pancake party. We made lot lot of pan cake in all sorts of different styles. I like ones with chocolate spread on. They even got some strawberry milkshake in becouse they know I was comming.

So many people are accepting me now. They seem to like the way i am. Someone said that i am just like a little boy. I think it's because I don't force Lifestyle choice on anybody. My life the way I want which makes me happy and that happiness seems to rub off other people. I want to be around me.

So that was my day yesterday.

Hope you had lots of fun?

Have you ever been wet in public?

What Sort of pancakes do you like to have?

Any way i got day of playing. But I got to play tiddy and clean the house.
But First I've got to play do my laundry.

I be back soon.




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