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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#268

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As always, I am up very late at night.
On my 27" analog TV, I am watching the BBC documentary series, "Hitler's Bodyguard" on DVD.
My non-disabled younger brother is asleep in his bedroom next to mine.
Yes, I just took my daily medicines.
Earlier today I had my Urologist Appointment.
My PSA test is good.
Also, my bladder pee-pee retention is better.
Even though I uncontrollably pee, my bladder is emptying better, with the assistance of the medicines my Urologist prescribed to me.
I am on:
Anyway, I am relaxing before bedtime.
I have cleaned out my pet Guinea Pig's cage again.
I gave him more food a short time ago.
I also swept under my bed.
I also emptied the kitchen sink of dirty dishes and put them into the dishwasher machine.
Not enough dirty dishes to run a full load.
Tomorrow I have to haul the trash away.
Sorry, but my life is not all "Adult Baby Time".
I will shift into "little" mode after watching "Hitler's Bodyguard".
I guess I will look at some of my children's picture books which are easier for my autistic-wired mind to understand the social situations they are all about.
I still love simple colorful children's picture books.
I love BABAR, and PETER RABBIT very much.

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