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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#266

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Yes, I have had another day alone by myself.
Performed some vacuuming and of course taking care of my guinea pig, Ernie.
I only went out in my handicapped-adapted car to purchase some food.
Nothing expensive, only stuff for sandwiches.
This afternoon I had a face-to-face video chat on Google Hangouts with a long-distance friend of mine who has Cerebral Palsy.
Anyway, I have been staying indoors and relaxing and watching television online.
Yes, A short time ago, I did have to empty my very stinky adult plastic-pail potty chair. Yes, there was almost a liter of my pee-pee in it.
I use both adult diapers and my adult plastic-pail potty chair to manage my total incontinence as an older adult with Autism and Cerebral Palsy.
Of course, within the Adult Baby Community, "THE POTTY CHAIR" is seen as "EVIL", and not to be used.
But, when I am feeling like a little 3 year-old, I mutely sit on my potty chair for adults next to my handicapped-adapted twin-sized bed, sans my diaper, and of course wearing my AFO leg braces.
Compared to the Porcelain Hobby Horse (Toilet) in my bathroom here at home, my bedside adult potty chair is physically higher and easier for me to sit on and it has sturdy hand-rails that I use to push myself up to stand using my full arm strength to re-diaper myself.
Going diaper-less for periods of time while alone here at home does help with reducing incontinence-related skin breakdown, also known as "Diaper Rash".
I admit, that when I sit on my adult potty chair, I do hold my soft baby dolly friend, "Pam".
Yes, she calms and comforts me.
She helps me feel safe.
I admit to some shame that as an adult survivor of severe childhood abuse and neglect, I need such simple gentle objects of early childhood in order to help me to cognitively function.

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