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Yet another attempt at a blog post

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Hello, It's me, sorry for taking so long to do this, I have just been busy at college and haven't had time to respond at all, First off, Things are difficult but improving, My brother is about as frustrating as ever, and my grandmother is complicated but well meaning like usual, other than that i have been struggling with personal issues but am getting by thus far, and i am determined to graduate in May of this year, on time, on other front's I feel I am trying to get into the habit of not beating myself over my abdl/sissy fur side, although it is difficult i am working on that, although i am sure that it is not my fantasies that is causing the problem, it is me and other forces but i am getting better at accepting this, with your guy's advice, my grandmothers "Nudging," and god. I honestly feel i can do it, after all i am a few months away, I might as well make it to the end.

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