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3 years today.

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Well three years ago today I am across this web site and after looking around for a few minutes I decided to join.

I was going through one of the worst binge/purge cycle that I had ever had, and that was after 8 years of abstinent.

I was afraid to talk to my wife about it. Thought I was a very sick person. Then I looked on the internet about adult baby's and that is when I found the link to this site.

The next day I had day I had an appointment with my therapist and talked to her about the incontinence issues and the feelings about the issue and the punishment I got as a 3 yr old for the same issue.

After going through the threads here and talking to my therapist I gained understanding and control over the feeling and set boundaries. I talk to my wife and a few close friends/relatives that I had talked to before.

Three years later I have 31 rep points and have gone up and down in the levels.

I am thankful for the people that have helped me, and the friends that I have made.

At this point I look through the threads and enjoy playing some to the fun forums. I also have areas that I can share my common interests with people like cooking and coin collecting.

I do get tiered of reading/seeing threads on I (insert here) for the first time. I do not have to read them and just move on. But I also have to remember that I too have been there, done that, but did not have a place to talk about it.

The bottom line is this is a support site and it works. Thank you MOO for the site and the community that makes this support forum available to people like us.


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