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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#264

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I am a grownup back in diapers permanently.
I am simply a baby again.
I stink of pee-pee and poo-poo all the time.
I am dirty.
Grownups are not supposed to wear diapers.
But I do.
I am a baby.
Therefore, I have to act like a baby.
Everywhere I go outside away from home I have to carry my blue Fisher-Price plastic-lined diaper bag.
Everybody outside of home everywhere I go stares and points at my diaper bag and my leg braces and my forearm crutches.
"That man is crippled!"
"Oh My!"
"That man is still in diapers!"
"He must be Mentally Retarded!"
I hobble with difficulty through the local shopping mall to find the nearest men's adult porcelain potty chair room.
My diaper is soaked.
I hobble into the men's potty chair room.
The crippled man's porcelain potty chair enclosure is "occupied".
The grownup man using it does not have cerebral palsy.
But I do.
I have to stand and wait until he finishes making his poo-poo.
My bladder uncontrollably spasms some more.
My diaper is starting to overflow with pee-pee.
I smell.
I am dirty.
I hear the potty flush.
Then the crippled man's potty enclosure opens.
The young man that exits does not have crutches and leg braces like me.
He is not handicapped.
He did not need to use the crippled man's potty chair.
I feel angry inside.
I hobble in, and I drop my forearm crutches.
I perform procedure "change my dirty wet diaper".
I finish and flush the potty chair.
I go wash my hands.
Just a typical outing away from home...

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