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Time for a movie review or in this case a "short film"....... Redemption (the diaper movie)

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Here it is finally the movie review I promised. I would also like to say that I will try to do my best it may not be the best review a movie or perhaps a short film in this case has ever gotten but I promised! a review not perfection!

Here we go are you ready!!!!

First of all: this movie is about a girl not really sure what her name is in the movie but her real name is (Ayla Judson) she is much older now btw, I studied the movie quite extensively and her real mom plays her mom in the movie now the grown up version of the little girl in the movie is played by ( Monica Curtis) and of course the director plays her husband in the movie (Michael Bryson);

Second of all: this is just a movie or a short film in the sense that it was released online I guess the director saw no other way out and decided it should be up online anyways some people have referred this movie to be such things as "soft porn" but I assure it is not because each to his own right. I think personally from a psychological standpoint Michael Bryson was dealing with his issues from his own childhood.

WARNING: SPOILER ALERT beyond this point if you have not seen the short film go watch it!!!

Third of all: The abuse in the movie is of course fake the mother is not really hitting her daughter but it sure as hell seems that way! and she makes her daughter wear a diaper for wetting the bed which is caused by the death of her father. that is a short synapse of what takes place during the movie.

Fourth of all: there are issues I have with this short film is during all this abuse that takes place that the mother inflicts on the girl one thing I cannot understand is where in the hell is she taking the girl when they leave the house seriously you had to leave those parts out of it kind of leaves a lot of blank space and even a lot more to the imagination. did the mother take her to a friends house, or maybe to the park, hell even the local supermarket would be fitting but NOOOOOOO you can't even show us that COME ON!!!

another two issues I have with film is that when the girl is laying on the bed after being beat by her mother and made to wear a diaper it seems like she is laying in the wet spot on her bed now I know by this point you probably reading this and thinking what the hell is wrong with this guy! But seriously think about it the girl is laying right where she wet while getting a diaper put on because of the bedwetting kind of like a secondary punishment but it could only look that way and we could all be seeing it look that way due to camera angles.

the very last issue which goes with the one above ^^ is that later on during the short film the mother puts the girl outside which is out in the backyard not out on the street as suggested I guess were not supposed to notice things like that! I mean I am sure they done it in the backyard for reasons to do with filming they probably did not want the cops called for a girl being in a neighborhood wearing only a shirt and a diaper BLAH BLAH you know the rest.

the short film was really well done and all credit goes to it's director Michael Bryson. but yeah like with anything there are going to be some issues and mistakes this blog is probably full of them.

another thing is that abuse is wrong all types of abuse and diaper punishment or even diaper discipline should be considered abuse I myself was threatened with diapers as kid by my parents ( mostly my dad) I never wore them but those were some pretty serious threats!!! it is wrong to emotionally abuse and psychologically traumatize a child like that in anyway! Abuse of all types is wrong.

I am sorry if the blog is way too long I wanted it to be shorter but there was just too much to add and I wanted to finally give the movie review I promised. It has bee a long time coming thanks for having patience and again I apologize for the length of this blog.

stay cool, stay happy, and always be yourself!

Sincerely, Bluefirejay05


  1. egor's Avatar
    I am just wondering which version of the movie you watched?

    It is hard to find the original cut and the version on you tube is rearranged.

    There is several good discussions about the movie on some other sights and there is one site that Michael Bryson actually addresses several issues along with the story line for the full length film.
  2. BluefireJay05's Avatar
    go back and watch the movie is all I can say. yes I may have rearranged a few things myself to which I do apologize that was lame of me!

    I also stated that Michael Bryson may have been dealing with his own issues a site I was on suggested such a thing another "AB-related" site! but then again whoever mentioned this probably does have a point I am sorry if I made my mistakes about this movie review it was the very best I could do at the time.

    btw if you need more questions answered I will be happy to answer them but like I said above it is hard when you are trying your best to remember how everything happened in the film. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.