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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#261

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I have read the weather report online and there is a snowstorm coming up the east coast from down south.
Anyway, when I was out earlier I put another $8.00 worth of unleaded petrol in my car's petrol tank.
I also picked up and paid for my medication refills for:
Escitalopram, 10mg/day
Lisinopril, 10mg/day
Tamsulosin, 0.4mg/day
Yes, I have been in "adult" mode today.
I also paid and mailed off the COMCAST, Inc., CATV/Internet bill payment.
Being a "baby" full-time is not practical.
I simply live in the adult world and I can only be a baby a little bit each day at naptime and bedtime.
I did have over one of my Aspie friends for a while.
Just business to discuss.
Just being mute and quiet this evening and watching DVD's here in my bedroom.
Yes, "documentaries".
Decades ago. the CBS, NBC, and ABC "commercial" networks used to air factual documentaries about Science, History, and Public/Civic Affairs.
They disappeared when President Ronal Regan took office in January 1981.
There has been no factual Public/Civic Affairs Documentaries now for over 35 years.
This is not good.
It is like the entire Mass-Media Industry has abrogated their obligation to inform and educate all America's voters 18+ about social issues like continuing racism, poverty, sexism, ect., which has been getting worse these past 35 years since 1981, which if not remedied, with rip this nation apart.
Am I the only person in the entire United States that is genuinely concerned about civic affairs and the state of government inside this country?
I find myself feeling that Democracy in the United States is dying, and that "THE PEOPLE" want to be rid of it and elevate a "sociopathic/psychopathic" savior to lead this nation to a totalitarian fascist future.

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