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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#260

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Just a quiet Thursday evening.
Went up to Derry this afternoon for my yearly PSA blood test as an older 57 year-old adult male.
Yes, I have BPH.
Female pee-pee making anatomy is less complicated.
I also performed a small amount of food shopping.
After dark of course, I went out in my car to mail bill payments.
I also stopped at the Walgreen's Pharmacy in the KMART plaza on NH Route 28 to purchase a 28-count package of CERTAINTY Adult Diapers.
They are ~ $18.00/package.
Supper earlier was Hot Dogs and Beans.
Anyway, I am watching an old BBC history documentary on DVD.
Yes, I am mutely sitting diaper-less for a while on my adult-sized plastic pail potty chair.
Adult toddlers have to "sit on the potty" and be a "big boy".
Every so often, I feel my pee-pee uncontrollably coming out in spasms.
Secret thing on my body is pointed correctly down into the potty.
I have been sitting on my potty chair > 1 hour so far now this evening.
Am I a grown-up, a baby or a toddler?
It seems like I am all three inside a single body.

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