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A Roller Coaster of thoughts and An Unexpected Regression

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Lately, things have been somewhat confusing in life. One moment I hear it is great to just be yourself, the next I'm put down for it. Another I'm trying to help out my sick mom, the next week after she is better, I get yelled at. That combined with various other occasions have certainly taken their tolls. Recently I've been finding myself taking various naps throughout the day when I'm feeling down, and waking up to wet sheets every so often. I'm just not sure what to do anymore. My parents' view of me seem to switch so easily, whereas my college friends, although they're always welcoming, only can do so much. It seems like the only time when everything is actually calm enough is the summer. Now that I think of it, my college does provide free counseling sessions. Eh who knows. Guess this is all for now

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