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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#259

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As a disability rights activist, I guess I have to stick my neck out.
On Wednesday this week, I want to ask Presidential Candidate, Senator Theodore Cruz, about why he wants to liquidate all of us LGBT Autistic Adults.
I fully expect Senator Theodore Cruz's jack-booted thug supporters to ruthlessly violently beat the living shit out of me Wednesday morning at the campaign rally of his that I will attend as a member of the mass media, namely Derry, NH CTV, as a Reporter.
Anyway, I admit to still feeling sad.
The Elephant Symbol political party hates my fucking guts and wants me dead.
At least I want to openly call them out regarding their Christian genocidal hatred of LGBT persons like myself.
Life for an LGBT Autistic adult here in America is an all-out war for the right to physically survive.
I apologize for my extreme pessimism, but here in America, the same thing which led to totalitarianism in Germany in the 1930's is happening here in America.

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