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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#256

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Well, it is Midnight and I am still awake as usual.
On my old analog TV I am watching "Mobile Suit GUNDAM - Seed".
My little brother has gone to bed.
Yes, I have checked on my pet guinea pig friend, Ernie, and he is
doing okay.
I am of course trying to catch up on online correspondences.
Earlier, I did vacuum the bedroom hallway.
I am trying to catch up on that.
I also swept the kitchen floor.
Ernie guinea pig friend makes a mess with his hay food that he eats.
A lot of it ends up outside his cage onto the floor, which gets tracked everywhere.
Yes, I am undressed for the evening and I just took my AFO leg braces off.
Except for bedtimes and naptimes, I wear my AFO's all the time.
Anyway, I am just in a t-shirt and my incontinence diaper until I go to sleep at ~ 2:00 AM.
Yes, I have just checked the weather forecast, and we are going to have a snowstorm which will be starting sometime after Midnight and lasting most of today.
Well, it is Saturday now.

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