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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#255

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The weather is going to turn bad again.
Yes, "snow".
At least I hauled away the household trash/recyclables over to the Refuse Collection Center on Shannon Road here in Salem, NH.
I also did a small food shopping stop at the Market Basket Supermarket in the KMART Shopping Plaza on NH Route 28.
Yes, I did take a nap from ~ 4:00 PM to 6:30 PM.
Afterwards, I had to go out over to mail bill payments my little brother paid over at the Salem, NH Post Office behind the Rite-Aid Pharmacy.
Earlier while I was out, I did stop at the Walgreen's Pharmacy in the KMART Shopping Plaza to purchase a 28-count package of "CERTAINTY" XL-size adult diapers.
Yes, I needed more adult diapers.
Anyway, I am alone this evening while my little brother is working as a Luthier.
As always, there is nothing on broadcast television worth watching.
That "DATELINE NBC" News Documentary program is nothing but "Who Murdered Whom", rather than airing anything about the "real political and social issues facing the United States".
Nobody wants to "tell the truth" about "what is really going on with ordinary United States citizens".
It is like the Mass Media does everything it can to "hide the truth", which is not what true journalism is all about.
I apologize as an autistic adult, but I am constrained by my "truth-bound thinking", which sees things "as they are", not "what others wish to see", "ignoring the stark ugly truths of the real world".
I admit, that a lot of neurotypicals do not like this natural trait we autistics have.
Yes, in the outside world, it does not get us autistics many friends.

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