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I've promised myself that I wouldn't do any reckless spending or anything stupid. I have to wait for my credit to build. While doing so I want to save my money for a future I can enjoy and thrive in. Sadly this has left me bored and impatient. I know it's only been maybe a week or two, but this should take so long. I'm wanting to move on with my life. (Of course I've said enough times) Credit is a moronic idea in the first place. Why can't people live without it. Some people can be [email protected]#holes and not pay their dues, but that's not all of us. It takes so long to build. If you're a first timer to credit, you think they would start you somewhere higher than zero. Should you have to prove you're a bad investment before punishing you with this stupid climb? I'm not even getting credit for paying for my car. Because "You didn't have credit" That's what they told me. This has turned into a rant, and I'm sorry. I'm really bored.

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