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I sometimes hate being an aspie.

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Most of the neurotypicals I've met in the past have all been back stapping pricks even people who I've thought to be my real friends, yet some other aspies out there are really popular and don't get used, I don't get it, I have mild Asperger's and am highly intelligent I don't fit in to society at all, and I cannot have meaningful conversations with most people, because they mostly talk about pointless things like home and away or some random gossip of a celebratory, I know that I'm stereotyping but man most people really do seem this way to me.

What makes it worse is because I'm hearing impaired I have terrible spelling, and people automatically jump to the conclusion I'm "mentally retarded" even though I'm not.

What makes me sad is seeing people who aren't that bright getting told that they will be very successful, become am millionaire are a genius etc, even though the work I've done has suppressed them by so much, what pisses me off the most is that people ignore my work, and not pay any attention to it, why? I don't get society.

I don't even get it, a friend of mine got him into IT, he has only been doing it for a few years, and is simply an impostor, but some how he has become popular. He cannot even write basic code, and he gets treated as some computer genius, one time I said to someone, well I've written cryptography software they go around saying, oh you used "drag and drop" referring to visual studio, completely leaving out the fact that I only used it for the user interface and mixed in Crypto++ and a bunch of other C++ libraries, he and his friends have a way of turning what I say against me, no fucking clue how, everyone treats him as a genius, yet he doesn't know anything more than the basics of IT drives me fucking nuts, he couldn't even fix a PC with a broken power supply, took him 2 hours, It would of taken me 5 minutes to diagnose the fucking problem.

He has no clue how to setup an apache server from scratch he uses "XAMPP" and writes shitty php code which anyone can "sql inject" in a matter of seconds and he simply doesn't care, well If you were working for me, I would fell sorry for your company.

The saddest thing is, on my 18th birthday, I had no one come no one cared about me, even on my formal barely anyone wanted to talk to me, no one cares about me, yet I've accomplished so much in my short life.

Half the time most of the people I talk to seem like idiots, you mention fact they cannot understand it, you could tell them the sky is blue and have millions of books to prove it, yet they will always use the "oh not everything on the internet is true" or "not all books are true" well considering these books are written by people with PHDs and are well known, says something about the content in the book, argh fucking morons.

The worst part is I know that I don't know everything it drives me nuts, not knowing, I have people call me ignorant for stating fact, how the fuck does that work, the evidence is right in front of your fucking face, HOW CAN YOU NOT SEE IT.

Sorry for this rant, idiots drive me nuts, I swear people purposely ignore autistic people, I have people make out that I'm stupid or retarded, yet its the other way around, when will people learn that feelings don't equal evidence.

And people wonder why aspies don't like talking to people, as soon as you say hi people call you annoying or abuse you in some way shape or form..

Sorry for this rant, I just need to blow off some steam.


  1. caitianx's Avatar
    I was thinking the same thoughts.
    With few exceptions, most of the NT's I have met and interacted with over the decades have been dumb shitheads who can not see past their own fucking noses.
  2. LittleJess's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by caitianx
    I was thinking the same thoughts.
    With few exceptions, most of the NT's I have met and interacted with over the decades have been dumb shitheads who can not see past their own fucking noses.
    Yes, it does seem to be that way, drives me crazy. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.