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Diapered with Children ... need advice/thoughts

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Hello. First time posting on this subject. Looking for kind words of advice, thoughts and any ideas!

My kids are now getting older (oldest is 10yr old), and so far they do not have any idea about their daddy having to wear diapers (that I know of).

They know I had nighttime wetting problems as a child as they went through the same years ago, and I told them briefly that I too had the same problem- not going into details ever).

Now they are older and I'm wondering, do I tell them that I am wearing and why (medical need)? Do I keep hiding from them, taking the chance they may have found an accidental diaper or similar left in my bathroom/closet?

My wife has always said, 'don't let the kids know about having to wear diapers', but they crawl in bed with us sometimes at night and so I've been forced to wear regular shorts over diaper while sleeping so they do not see it. Otherwise, would LOVE to sleep with just a diaper and tighty whities underneath! However, I am still afraid to let them know.

What age should they be when I tell them?
Any particular reason to NOT tell them at all and just keep going as is?
After exposing it to them, I would still wear discretely at home, etc. Just trying to figure out if I tell them or let them find out themselves... just afraid as to how that may be and what consequences it has... sort of the same reason why I want to be THE FIRST one to explain everything else to them, rather than have someone else do it, and in the wrong way and/or in the wrong context.

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