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This is not the only side of me?? #5 ( the new beginning of a stash/the review/plus about a "movie!".)

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Hello to all once again! I am doing these blogs again it has been awhile.

(please excuse any bad curse words that may be used I will censor as much as possible!)

Here we go! first of all this blog may get nit-picked and or criticized oh well each to his own!

well I have officially started to re-build my diaper stash finally right! anyways over Christmas I got some money along with my presents I went out to my local CVS and brought some diapers just plain white regular CVS brand men's diapers nothing totally special. I still like them though they work great the only problem is that they do leak if you are not careful.

that seems to be the only issue I have with these diapers they are a medium size which makes them fit perfect on me could not ask for a better fit; my only issue is though leaks which I figure I am just not putting them on right or perhaps it may have something to do with the absorbency they are NOT "SAP" but the other. (I guess they call it wick) which sucks but I decided to buy something that fits and works instead of getting my usual Goodnites.

I am not saying I don't love the GNs I just wanted something different so far so good though except for the leaks when laying down and I can't have more then one wetting in them which is okay.

I also have another thing I done to make these diapers feel more like "baby diapers" is I printed some tapes for diapers off-line which is perfect I have to size them up and use packing tape on them but hey it works and makes me feel "little" which is fantastic for me! I know others have use tapes too but this was my first time trying the tape idea and it does wonders!! anyways moving on from the diaper review. I am starting to get my stash back together!!

I am now going to talk about a "movie!" I am sure almost all of you are familiar with all too familiar!!!! this is the "redemption movie" it was really sad the very first time I watched it this is also the first time I have spoken of the movie out in the open. it can still be very sad I hate the abuse the girl goes through it just saddens me.

I personally think that no one will ever figure out why Michael Bryson made this short film other then maybe to deal with his own personal past "experiences" Yes I have studied the movie very well and extensively through many different sites and what not! and no answer can be found as to why he done it.

even though the movie is very sad it is not the first time I have watched it I probably watched about the year it showed up online. I was going through many things long before I ever joined this site and researching a lot of different things online when I happen to come across and find the short film I was amazed at how well it was put together I still have mixed feelings though on certain aspects of the movie. and maybe someday I will review those aspects and feelings when I do an entire review of the short film but I must also say... Thank you Mr. Bryson (you may never see this but thanks anyways all credit goes to you.)

I will now end this blog just remember "this is NOT the only side of me!"

Sincerely, Bluefirejay

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