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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#252

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Just sat on my adult potty chair for a bit.
Yes, I have been diaper-less for a short time all alone here in my bedroom.
Earlier in the evening I was in mega-adult mode, because I had to be at another meeting related to my being on the Board of Directors of
It is important to remain in the adult world to avoid cognitive/emotional engulfment from the desires to be a helpless baby.
I will admit, that I use my adult potty chair as a "transition" object to get me partly into full adult baby mode for nap times and bed times.
Potties are a toddler object to "feel little", but to not be a baby.
When I sit on my adult potty chair, sans clothing and my diaper, I do simple things like hugging one of my dolly friends or reading one of my simple children's picture books which do illustrate some social concepts, like friendship in a simple unambiguous manner. Before bedtime, I will sit on my potty for a while and read a picture story book to relax and make me feel little and ready for bed.

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