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Possible IBS

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So for the past couple months I've been suffering various symptoms that closely resemble that of IBS. Although originally thought to be the result of my diet lacking fiber, this was later proven wrong. My mom is planning on setting up an appointment to test to see if I do indeed have IBS. To those who have gone through the tests, any ideas on what to expect?


  1. silentdreamer1996's Avatar
    As of lately, blood has been present in the movements. I just hope this is merely related to the movements and nothing else, but that's probably not the case.
  2. LittleJess's Avatar
    I know this might sound disgusting, but I occasionally get blood and mucus in my movements, so that should give you some ease. (though I don't think I have IBS myself, I'm just lactos)

    If its on top and not mixed in, it should be fine usually its caused by hemorrhoids popping from slightly straining, that being said I hope everything is alright :) well thats from my case that is anyway
  3. Marka's Avatar
    With noticeable blood in the 'stool', you will need to be checked by a physician... probably tomorrow or earlier next week?

    [QUOTE][SIZE=1]Written or medically reviewed by a board-certified physician. See's [URL=""]Medical Review Policy[/URL].[/SIZE] Updated January 04, 2016.

    [URL=""]Causes of Bloody Stools and Rectal Bleeding[/URL]

    Like finding a lump in the breast, seeing blood in your stool can send you into a tailspin of panic. For most people, the fear is that this is a sign of [URL=""]colon cancer[/URL]. Although blood in the stool is considered a [URL=""]red-flag digestive symptom[/URL], it doesn't automatically mean that you have a life-threatening illness. Let's take a look at what this scary symptom might actually mean.
    [B]What to Do If You See Blood in Your Stool[/B]

    If you find any blood on your stool or on your toilet paper, or see any other evidence of rectal bleeding, [B]the first thing you must do is to call your [URL=""]doctor[/URL] and set up an appointment.[/B]



    There are a number of things that this could be caused by... and, so too are the causes and types of IBS or, IBS-like symptoms...

    Your Doctor may refer you to a gastroenterologist - a specialist of the digestive system...

    [B][The different] [SIZE=4][URL=""]Types of Fiber and Their Health Benefits[/URL][/SIZE][/B]

    There are generally [B][SIZE=4]4 types of IBS[/SIZE][/B], each one has slightly different symptoms than the other. The 4 types of IBS are:

    [B] IBS with constipation (IBS-C): Constipation is the most frequent symptom[/B]
    [B] IBS with diarrhoea (IBS-D): Diarrhoea is the most frequent symptom [/B]
    [B] IBS mixed (IBS-M): Both constipation and diarrhoea are experienced alternately[/B]
    [B] IBS unspecified (IBS-U): Symptoms follow and irregular pattern

    I hope that helps,
  4. silentdreamer1996's Avatar
    Thanks for info. Also from what I've been researching, it seems it might be IBS-D. As for the blood, turns out one movement I had had some popcorn kernels that did a number on my system. Should've seen that one coming. It was why I stopped eating popcorn. As for going to a physician, sadly I am currently without a car, my dad is always working on various surgeries and my sisters are always caught up with their jobs as well. When my mom returns however, she see to it. She is currently at our condo.
  5. silentdreamer1996's Avatar
    Thinking back on it, what I believe to be IBS-D may be the permanent after effects I'm dealing with from the norovirus strain I caught last winter. It caused spouts of bowel incontinence, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, and various undesirable accidents. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.