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A 5th Attempt at a blog Post.

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Hello, It's me again. Lately I feel i can handle things wayyyyy better than i was, Due to some advice from Marka(If your reading this, thank you BTW.), a couple of videos, Massive amounts of praying to god, and my grandmothers help. Also I know why this whole thing is happening, my grandmother pointed out that i may have been jellious of my brother subconsciously, Due to his rebellious behavior, and the fact that he says and does what he wants and still comes out smelling like a rose (Forgive me for saying that, Its a saying from Misery, and yes i misspelled that on purpose.) Also another reason, is that I admittingly used to look up to him, before seeing his true colors, because he was the one that left my evil stepmother first, and we kinda accepted like the reverse of our roles, which looking back on it now wasn't the best idea, also when i was younger, and i found out i was autistic, I wanted to be normal, I admit. Still, I feel i am way better than i was, because i realized that i at least have to act normal in plubic, and then be me at home. I also realised, that apart of me will always be a furry, a sissy crossdresser, and a little, that i want to look cute, and feel little, and (Lord Forgive me but,)Pretty, and stuff, and that my regression, has to do with diapers and girly clothes, admiringly, It still dosent stop me from being a man, and streght also mabie i'm not manly, but god made me the way i am, and there are good aspects to being a little. Also I figured out my little age, From 2-3 to at least 5 old enough to wear diapers, and or be potty-trained and or go to preschool and talk baby talk, but not old enough to be in a bed, and my main little name is Rachel Ann, because, its the feminine version of my name, and i like how cute and girly it sounds as well. Now if i am a furry or not, It really depends on the day, whether i am or not, and also my Fursona various as well, usually I am a cute kitty, but i can be a dog as well. anyway as for school I am working on a schdule for my studies, so that i wont fall behind this time, and i am working on being calm when dealing with my grandmother, and listening to what she says.

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