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A plan for coming out

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So i've been questioning when to come out as bisexual and finally decided when. Knowing my parents, I'd probably be disowned, and with college, I'd be unable to continue. So, I've decided to tell them the day of my graduation. That way, I'll at least have my degree and hopefully, a much steadier job. Real question is, when will it be appropriate to tell them I'm an abdl? Course, I think my mom knows already. One night while padded up, I decided to sleep with a pacifier and my baby blanket. I partially woke up to the feeling of someone rubbing my back and noticed my pacifier fell out. Before I could react, I had felt the pacifier put back in my mouth and a pat on my rear. Ever since that night, my mom has been calling me baby. What troubling is she could either be saying that because she knows or because I am her last child.


  1. caitianx's Avatar
    Coming out is a real double-edged sword, based on my own experience.
    I did not fully come-out until after my own parents passed away.
  2. silentdreamer1996's Avatar
    Yeah, that is the downside. When I have kids and if they come out, I'll embrace them and tell them I love them no matter what, but will question them if they turn to drugs. On the side note, I might have to reveal to my parents that I've been wearing diapers at night sooner than I thought. For me, it first wearing for the feeling, but as my bedwetting issue became worse, they had to fulfill their purpose. It is a case of a bladder acting up, combined with dulled feelings from the waist down. A couple of back injuries are to blame there.
  3. silentdreamer1996's Avatar
    Quick question to those who read this initial post, what do you think of my experience I typed. I just realized I kind of wrote it like a book/story. Think I should attempt writing one?
  4. Pizza's Avatar
    Well, it IS 2016... It's a lot different nowadays. Maybe you don't have to 'come out'. I did things this way with my GF. I never asked her if she'd be my girlfriend, we just clicked and started hanging out and all that.

    So, maybe it should just be bring whoever around them and if it happens it happens approach? Very casual, almost implied. If I was in your shoes I might just do the same thing. I mean, it's not like a parent would ask their kid about what gets them going. If so It'd kinda awkward to explain to my dad that diapers sometimes do the trick for me (although I fall 80% into lifestyle category, 20% sexual imo. Just for the record). 'Don't ask don't tell' approach almost.

    Am I making any sense and does this seem like even a semi-decent option?

    I suppose I will say something that, no matter what you do, will make sense. Best of luck to you. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.