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Hello World

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I tried to think of an interesting name for this blog. Unfortunately when it comes to names I tend to be a little less than imaginative, and nothing came to mind quickly. Since this is my first I considered going with a generic "Fist Blog" approach, but didn't want to be quite so dull. Hello World is a computer science thing. Classes/tutorials/etc on programming typically introduce a language using a very simple program designed to demonstrate how to get started with an implementation. The key aspect is that this first program has all the fundamental components required to print "Hello World" for the user to read.

Anyway, I apologize if this turns into a boring read.

It's been a long week for me. I spent the last seven days out of state with my father and brother visiting extended family. Most of them are awesome, but some of them drive me crazy. As it is, I'm enough of an introvert that seven continuous days of living in someone else's house without an expectation of privacy is basically torture after the third or fourth day.

The worst part was leaving my plushie, a little wolf I named Fen, behind at home. I got him just a little over a year ago, which means that I spent the same week long period without him last Christmas. However, it wasn't until now that I'd realized just how much I've gotten used to constantly having him with me. Even during the super busy days where it seems I do nothing but school work he typically sits on my desk, the one concession I make to my little side, sometimes for weeks. And of course I sleep with him.

For the most part I didn't manage too badly. Sleeping without him felt a little weird at first, but despite my little side I'm adult enough to cope for a week. So I got to the last day. Great, going home. Bags packed, TSA successfully navigated, and I'm sitting on the plane waiting for boarding to finish when a guy about the same age as me walks down he isle carrying a plush and sits two rows behind me. I don't think I've ever felt so intensely homesick as I did then, and I have no idea why it affected me so strongly. From embarking to disembarking must have been two hours, and I think I fidgeted the entire way there - unusual for me because I absolutely love flying.

As an aside, if any of you flew Delta today with a wolf (or maybe a husky. It was hard to tell without a direct look, which would have been creepy since I would have had to turn around in my seat and stare) with a red bandanna/scarf around the neck then I'd like to say you have one awesome plush.

Of course, I eventually made it home. Sitting on my couch as I write this, Fen at my side, getting ready to celebrate my first ever SIDF New Years. Happy New Years everyone.

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