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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#247

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Being in retirement, I had another relatively quiet day here at home alone by myself while my younger brother is at his job as a Luthier.
I did go out to purchase another 20-count package of 30" x 36" disposable bed pads to sleep on that I need for my total incontinence.
I have been in Adult Mode today, and I have been "tinkering" with the "littleBits" Arduino Microcontroller hardware/software development kit my little brother gave me for Christmas.
The Arduino microcontroller platform is programmed using the "C" programming language.
I have already wrote 5 littleBits Arduino microcontroller control programs.
As to where I store my programs, I store them on my SD memory card "G:" solid-state storage drive which has 16G Bytes of mass storage.
I do keep all my CAD/CAE software applications on my laptop computer's "D:" solid-state storage drive micro-SD card.
It is a fact, that the HP Stream laptop computer I am using nosw does not have much storage space on its C:\ solid-state internal drive.
I admit, that as a person, I do not do any "Cloud Computing" via the W^3.
I do not trust my data from being stolen and misused by other people who have nefarious motives.
Well, time to make myself some Supper...

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