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A 4th attempt at a blog post

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Hello, me again, Yesterday things were pretty good, considering everything. Other then my bro was still on his revenge quest agenst our stepmother, things went pretty well yesterday. We didn't really get much in terms of gifts, but my grandmother says we will rectify that this week. Still, I did manage to prank my brother yesterday, with a fake box gift that held something else, then we went out to eat and everything, The weird part is there was something open today, then we watched The Polar Express movie, as well as a movie called Analise This, which is a movie about a mobster that goes to therapy. Surprisingly it was pretty funny considering the plot and everything. Also as you know we found out my grandmothers past, which was always sort of an enigma until recent events proved otherwise, basically her fathers name is Bruno and that she is Polish, considering that she's 90% Eastern European, it's not really much of a suprise.


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    We swore off the gifting frenzy this year and I, for one, felt a lot better about the whole thing. It was kinda easy to do because all are adult and mostly far, far away. Everyone else kinda breathed a sigh of relief when we brought it up.

    So yesterday was just another day. A couple of small things between me and Mrs. Maxx but that's it. I spent the day split between reading, stationary bike, and weightlifting. She was on the phone with relatives most of the day, sparing me the need. I hate telephones. If its not someone wanting money, its someone wanting to chew on your ear for hours. "Oh, its so great to hear your voice" and then they don't let you get a word in edgewise.

    Junior was out of town at his in-laws, so we had Juno the dog also. I suppose it would be nice to see family, but not nice enough for me to put up with crowds, waiting, traffic, airports, and spending thousands of dollars to travel thousands of miles.

    The only little kid in the family ATM is our granddaughter... and she spent a couple days with us before leaving with Junior. Not a big deal, since we see her all the time anyway.
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    I had one of my Aspie friends over for the Christmas Holiday. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.