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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#246

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My Christmas has been a happy one.
I have my Aspie lady friend, DL, from Boston, MA over my house for the Holiday.
Christmas Eve yesterday I took DL to my church for the 6:30 PM early worship service.
She, I, and my little brother exchanged gifts on Christmas Eve.
This evening my Aspie friend, DL, joined my little brother to attend a Celtic Holiday Concert up in Chester, NH with friends of ours who have a Celtic/Bluegrass Ensemble.
If it were not for us, my Aspie friend, DL, would have spent her Christmas all alone by herself.
I do have the house to myself for a while this evening.
I did feed Ernie, my pet Guinea Pig a short time ago.
I also started loading up the dishwasher machine in the kitchen with the latest round of dirty dishes.
Even on Christmas, house chores have to be performed.
Mostly today, I have been in Adult Mode, except at nap time from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM when I did have some gentle, quiet Adult Baby Time alone in my bedroom.
I do have my new AFO Leg Braces.
Yes! They are fully paid-for.
I got them at my new Orthotist in Methuen, MA on Tuesday, 3 days ago.
They are the latest high-strength carbon fiber composite material, light and very strong.
I went without my AFO leg braces for 2 months straight until now.

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