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Christmas to spend with friends

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Hello everyone.
I for violence from parents is in the way of depression care, you stay in a friend's house.
Still, a morning of physical condition is terribly unstable, but is very anxious, recovery is going.

In order to seek the application of the relief program to the local government office and NPO from next year, we will proceed with the negotiations.

Although I have received a slander and isolation from a healthy person who on Twitter in the past year, while both parties (ADHD Friendry) our same disease encounter, we nurture them and friendship.

7 years ago, it from eight years ago, I had both spent Christmas in the waiting room of the hospital.
Then ahead, it is the time of Christmas was a severely painful feelings in the winter of depression attack, this year's Christmas is very happy.

Now that friend with a long-term relationship has accepted me, Christmas spend in two people will be a special.

Unfortunately, he is straight. And it is not even DL!
But he does not or slander my essence, is willing to better understand!
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